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A guide to radiotherapy skin care

This guide offers some information on skin care for those who are undergoing radiotherapy treatment. Many people who have been treated are advised to use gentle, scent-free products on the affected area and we look at our range of neutral/scent free products and have some tips on caring for your skin after treatment.

By Alexandra Julian

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This guide offers some information on skin care for those who are undergoing radiotherapy treatment.

Sore and sensitive skin is a common side effect of radiotherapy, and you may be advised by your oncology team to use gentle, unscented skin creams and very gentle personal care products. This article helps you to find scent free products which can be used to care for your skin after radiotherapy treatment.

*Note: Always follow the radiotherapy skin care advice of the staff on your radiation unit. The information found on this page may not be suitable for all types of radiotherapy or side effects.

What radiotherapy skin care do I need?

Cancer Research UK’s tips for looking after skin after radiotherapy include a recommendation to avoid using perfumed products that may irritate sensitive skin[i] – although be sure to follow the advice of the unit you are being treated on.

Green People is a leading organic skin care company and we specialise in products for sensitive skin. Our Sensitive range and our Nordic Roots range are both unperfumed and rich in natural, plant-derived extracts and oils that help restore, protect and maintain your skin’s natural barriers.

Both these skin care ranges are unisex and suitable for men and women that are undergoing radiotherapy.

shea butter

Our natural, plant-based ingredients include Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Green Tea, Jojoba, Perilla and Calendula, each chosen for being gentle on sensitive skin along with their individual benefits and properties.

Designed to be easily absorbed by the skin, our products can be gently tapped into the skin.

Cream for sensitised skin

If the area sensitised by radiotherapy is on the head or neck, our Scent Free Cleanser and soothing Scent Free 24-Hour Cream are both very gentle and soothing. These natural skin care products are designed for the most sensitive skin and are free from harsh ingredients.

radiotherapy skin care

Our skin-friendly natural creams and lotions absorb easily into the skin to leave it hydrated, nourished and balanced, while our cleansing products are free from irritating SLS and instead contain gentle foaming agents from Yucca that do not dry the skin out.

Remember that your skin may come into contact with other products such as shampoo and conditioner so you may also wish to consider scent free hair care too.

Macmillan advises those receive radiotherapy to select an unscented shampoo and to check their shampoo choice with their radiotherapy team[i].

Cancer UK also advises those that have undergone radiotherapy to wash their hair carefully using non-perfumed shampoo. They also suggest speaking to your radiographer know if your skin feels sore after shampooing[ii].

Shower gel and deodorant for sensitised skin

If the area treated with radiotherapy is on the body, our Scent Free Shower/Bath Gel may be suitable for cleansing, as it is pH-balanced and contains no perfumes or essential oils. You may wish to follow with our Scent Free Body Lotion to restore the moisture and sebum balance.

customer review 

Many people undergoing treatment find that they wish to use a very gentle deodorant. Our Scent-Free Deodorant is free from pore-clogging Aluminium and rich in ingredients such as soothing Aloe Vera and Prebiotics to promote healthy skin flora. Cancer UK advises against using a deodorant on broken skin.

Sunscreen for sensitised skin

If your skin is more sensitive to the sun after radiotherapy, choose a high factor sun cream that protects whilst being gentle on sensitive skinii.

Scent Free Facial Sun Cream SPF30 is an unperfumed SPF that provides broad-spectrum protection from UVA and UVB rays. Gentle on sensitive skin, it is rich in organic plant extracts that hydrate, soothe and protect delicate skin.

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Browse our entire Sensitive collection of scent-free products

Radiotherapy skin care tips

  • After washing, gently pat the skin dry or blow dry with a hair drier on its cool setting
  • Apply creams or lotions lightly, again by gently patting the skin
  • Do not rub the area of skin that has received radiotherapy


Our UK customer care team are happy to help you identify which of our natural skin care products might be suitable for your skin or as a gift for radiotherapy patients. Please call us on 01403 740350.

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