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Can Lavender help babies sleep?

Is your little one losing precious sleep? Lavender has long been used to aid relaxation and many parents find that Lavender helps their baby to sleep. Here we share our tips on using Lavender to help your baby sleep better at night and during naptimes.

By Alexandra Julian

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Is your little one losing precious sleep? Lavender has long been used to aid relaxation and many parents find that Lavender helps their baby to sleep. Here we share our tips on using Lavender to help your baby sleep better at night and during naptimes.

You’ll also discover Lavender baby products from our beautifully gentle Organic Babies collection.

Can Lavender help babies sleep?

All new parents lose out on some sleep and if you’ve recently welcomed a little sleep thief, we know just the herb to help.

As gentle as a lullaby, Lavender Oil has a soothing natural aroma that relaxes the mind so all the family can sleep better.

Our Lavender products are incredibly gentle and can be used on babies aged 3 months +. Lavender essential oil should not be used in isolation on baby’s skin.

Great news for new parents is that Lavender has been shown to improve deep sleep for infants and increase relaxation for both mums and babies![i]

That’s just one of the reasons we use relaxing notes of Lavender as a key ingredient in our hero baby products, Soothing Baby Salve and Lavender Baby Wash & Shampoo.

Our best Lavender baby gift set

Need a gift for a baby shower or naming shower? Give the gift of good rest with Organic Babies Lavender Baby Bath Set, which pairs a full-size bottle of certified organic Lavender Baby Wash and Shampoo with a duo of gentle baby hair brushes.

Our best Lavender baby bath products

Our Organic Babies Soothing Baby Salve and Lavender Baby Wash & Shampoo are two of our most bought organic baby products and use a blend of Lavendula and Lavandin to deliver a beautifully relaxing aroma that’s ideal for helping fractious little ones to settle.

The perfect bedtime partners for sleep-resisting young babes, together they make light work of the dream scenario of getting little ones down for the night so that both you and your baby can get an undisturbed night’s sleep.

The 3-in-1 Lavender baby wash can be used as a shampoo, bath wash and body wash. Its Lavender-scented bubbles release their light Lavender aroma as they pop, leaving baby feeling relaxed with soft and clean skin and hair.

Once baby is clean and dry, the multi-purpose Lavender salve can be applied head to toe and used as:

  • A natural baby sleep salve
  • A relaxing massage oil
  • An eczema-friendly skin salve
  • A salve to calm cradle cap
  • A salve to soothe dry skin

If using our Soothing Baby Salve on cradle cap, gently rub it into your baby’s scalp and then comb it through to release any dry flakes. Mums may also like to use it to calm dry hands or as a soothing temple salve.

Read the parent praise for our Lavender Soothing Baby Salve:

My daughter had dribble rash and some dry skin on her head that she was constantly trying to claw at, since using this product the redness has completely gone and she is no longer trying to scratch! Amazing, I use it every night after her bath before bed and the lavender smell is so nice and relaxing :-) Verity T 

A Lavender baby bath routine for peaceful sleep

Help your little one to sleep peacefully with our 3-step relaxing baby bath routine.


Get prepped by gathering everything you need and then filling your baby’s bath with water. Using a bath thermometer, use your elbow or your wrist to check that the water temperature is just right before you gently settle baby into the bath. The ideal temperature is 37.8°C.


Using a soft baby sponge or flannel, gently bathe baby’s skin in the warm water and enjoy a soothing aroma of Lavender as the gentle bubbles pop. If washing baby’s hair, gently massage a little wash into the scalp, then rinse thoroughly.


Once baby is clean and dry, support healthy hair growth by combing their hair with the gentlest of care. This not only relaxes baby, but also helps to stimulate healthy hair growth and can be used for cradle cap.


Have you recently welcomed a new addition? Build your little one the best bed and bath routine and contact our experienced customer care team for personalised baby skin care advice. You can give us a call on 01403 740350 or chat to us on social @GreenPeopleUK.

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