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Do men really need to use a face serum?

13/05/2020 — By Hannah Mepham

Do men really need to use a face serum?

Unsure of the benefits of adding a face serum to your grooming regime?

This month we challenged the guys at Green People HQ to incorporate our organic face serum for men into their grooming regimes.

Each used the serum every day for one month and here they reveal how it changed their skin for the better.

Mark – Skin type: Sensitive


"I’d just joined Green People when I was asked to take up this challenge and had no idea what a serum was, let alone what it was meant to do for my skin! But, I agreed to do the challenge as I hoped that using a serum would help calm the redness I get on my face.

Because I haven’t used serum before it took a little while to get used to incorporating it into my skin care regime, in the end I kept it next to my toothbrush so that I remembered to use it.

Now the serum is a key part of my grooming routine and I’d recommend it to anyone who is frustrated with how their skin is behaving. My sensitive skin feels less irritated and is hydrated instead of flaky. Absolutely give this a go!"


Stuart – Skin type: Mature


"I’ve never used serum before and, in all honestly, I didn’t think it was something my skin needed. During the first week of incorporating it into my regime I still wasn’t sure I needed a serum, but I had to admit that my skin felt hydrated and that shaving was a little easier.

After a fortnight’s use, I was surprised to find my skin feeling smoother and, having now used the serum for a month, I can tell my skin looks noticeably younger. I’m definitely going to continue using it."



Ross – Skin type: Dry


"I’m only 21 and hadn’t ever considered using a face serum for men as I thought they were for targeting fine lines and wrinkles, plus I like my morning routine to be quick and fuss-free.

My skin can sometimes feel dry, so I apply moisturiser every day, but even after moisturising my skin would still get the odd patch of dryness. I quickly got used to applying a serum underneath my moisturiser and, since applying the serum, I’ve noticed that my skin feels much better.

The dry patches have gone and, because it’s so easy to use my routine is still fuss-free!"


John – Skin type: Blemish-prone


"My skin can be prone to spots so I’m always wary of what I put on my skin and like to keep things as simple as possible to avoid breakouts.

I love that the serum felt really light, it absorbed into my skin straight away and didn’t leave my skin feeling sticky or greasy. After using this product for a few weeks I noticed my skin felt a lot calmer and if a spot did appear, it would clear up much faster than before!

I’ll definitely continue to use this product as part of my skin care routine. I spend a lot of time outdoors so products that are environmentally friendly are really important to me.

I’m glad I’ve found a skin care product that is as kind to the environment as it is to my skin!"

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