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The benefits of seaweed skin care products

Discover all the benefits of seaweed for your skin as we help you to find the best seaweed skin care products for your beauty regime.

By Alexandra Julian

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Discover all the benefits of seaweed for your skin as we help you to find the best UK seaweed skin care products for your beauty regime.

Benefits of seaweed for skin

Seaweed comes in many varieties and is one of the best natural actives for providing the skin with anti-ageing support, skin nourishment and intense hydration.

These are just some of the benefits you can gain from incorporating seaweed into your skin care routine:

  1. Antioxidant defence against free radicals
  2. Collagen synthesis support
  3. Prolonged polysaccharide skin hydration
  4. An infusion of Iodine and minerals that benefit skin health
  5. Skin vitality vitamins

Seaweed is one of our founder’s skin care secrets and when growing up in Denmark, Charlotte’s mother would regularly wrap her skin in seaweed scooped fresh from the shoreline to lock this antioxidant algae’s rich nutrient content into her skin.

As she grew her own natural skin care brand, Charlotte paired her mother’s skin-nurturing technique with her scientific knowledge of phyto actives and went on a journey of discovery that would lead her to innovative seaweed plant cell technologies and to create our selection of science-backed marine algae skin care.

To help you know how to use seaweed on your skin, we’ve compiled a guide to our best UK seaweed skin care products.


Seaweed moisturiser

Vita Min Fix is one of our best-selling seaweed moisturisers and Fucus serratus is one of the vitamin-rich plant actives that gives this skin-vitality moisturiser its skin-rebalancing potency.

For those with sensitive skin that seek the benefits of seaweed without added fragrance, this seaweed is also used on our Scent Free Light Day Moisturiser and our Scent Free Anti-Ageing 24-Hour Cream.

Another sea plant that we use to make our seaweed moisturisers is Sea Fennel. An edible coastal plant, like seaweed, this marine-sourced active is rich in skin-replenishing benefits. Highly antioxidant and intensely hydrating, extracts from the Sea Fennel plant are capable of counteracting the damage caused by free radicals.

Using advanced stem cell technology, we incorporated Sea Fennel plant into our Tinted DD Moisturiser which give skin a silky soft radiance and pillowy, youthful plumpness whilst also supporting collagen synthesis and providing resilience against pollution.

Seaweed face mask

Beauty Boost is an intense moisturising facial treatment and blends Wakame seaweed with the green marine algae Enteromorpha compressa. Once applied to the skin, these antioxidant-rich marine algae skin care ingredients work in synergy at a cellular level to replenish radiance and counteract free radical damage.

  • Wakame revitalises sagging skin by stimulating collagen and boosts skin cell oxygen supply so that skin looks as fresh as it is firm
  • Green marine macro algae delivers intense hydration to deeper skin tissues so that skin feels soft and comfortable

Apply to clean skin once a week or whenever skin needs an intense hydration boost and you’ll soon see the difference that this Wakame face cream can make to the skin.

If you are looking to enrich your night skin care regime with the goodness of seaweed, you can also benefit from Enteromorpha compressa by using our Age Defy+ Hydra-Glow Sleep Mask, a deeply hydrating seaweed-enriched face mask which firms and rejuvenates skin overnight.

Seaweed face serum

Enteromorpha Compressa is also the seaweed we use in our silky-light skin serums. A pentasaccharide-rich seaweed, this green marine algae is capable of penetrating deep into the skin. Once there it promotes conditions for collagen production and skin regeneration.

To make its effects last even longer, we blend it with Tara Bush seeds which prolong its release for long-lasting skin-firmness.

You can find Enteromorpha compressa and Tara Bush in our Scent Free Hydrating Calming Serum and our Hydrating Firming Serum, with the latter also containing a further seaweed support from Irish Moss.

A red sea plant, this nutrient-rich algae is responsible for giving this seaweed face serum its gel-like consistency and provides a rich source of minerals which help to protect the skin barrier.

4 more seaweed skin care products


Our seaweed facial oil is rich in nutrients and its light-weight formulation means that it can carry these nutrients deep into the skin whilst also forming a water-locking seal on the skin surface. 

The seaweed used to make our Nordic Roots Marine Facial Oil is an Atlantic seaweed called Alaria esculenta.

Bursting with skin vitality-boosting nutrients and minerals, this seaweed facial oil promotes skin hydration and suppleness. With regular use, its natural ingredients support collagen supplies to promote firmer skin and smooth fine lines.



One of the ingredients used to make our natural range of seaweed eye creams is Fucus serratus extract.

Also sourced from the north Atlantic, this seaweed is great for making eye cream with because it contains many of nutrients that are essential for healthy skin and helps to facilitate an exchange of energy between the cells so that skin around the eyes full of vitality.

We also use Enteromorpha compressa seaweed with slow-release, skin firming Tara Bush in our eye creams. You can find these actives in our Rejuvenating Eye Cream and our Firming Eye Serum.


Seaweed is also a key active in our natural shaving gel and the seaweed actives used to make our Soothing Shaving Gel is the mineral-rich seaweed Irish Moss.

Efficient at giving skin slip to protect against razor burn and nicks, Irish Moss high nutrient density helps to protect the skin’s barrier function and makes it particularly beneficial in shaving products.


The Seagreens® used in our Green Beauty skin supplement are made from Bladderwrack seaweed, harvested in the pristine waters of the Hebrides.

This provides a huge range of nutrients that are essential for human health and by blending this with Astaxanthin, an antioxidant 550 times stronger than vitamin E, we make it easy to support your skin from the inside with a nutrient rich plant-based supplement.


Would you like us to build you a seaweed skin care routine that’s tailored to your skin’s needs? Our UK customer care team is happy to help and can be contacted on 01403 740350.

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