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How to use tanning drops

Never tried tanning drops? Discover how simple sunless tanning can be with our beginner’s guide to how to use tanning drops for a streak-free tan.

By Hannah Mepham

5 Minute read

Never tried tanning drops? Discover how simple sunless tanning can be with our beginner’s guide to how to use tanning drops for a streak-free tan.

What are tanning drops?

Tanning drops are skin care products that give your face and body a tanned appearance. Great for giving your skin a natural, sun-kissed glow ahead of a holiday or a night out, they come with a dropper and are mixed with moisturiser or body lotion before being applied to the skin.

The benefit of using tanning drops over other self tan products is that you are more in control of the depth of your tan and can choose how much tan serum you blend with your moisturiser.

Another benefit of using tanning drops is that they are a sunless tanning method. This means that unlike sunbathing or using sunbeds, you will not need to expose your skin to harmful UV light to develop a safe and long-lasting tan.

How do tanning drops work?

Our natural tanning drops contain two tanning actives to give skin a soft, subtle, bronze glow.

The tanning actives we use in our Liquid Gold Tanning Drops are:

  • DHA

DHA is natural tanning agent that’s derived from sugars. When it is applied it reacts with peptides in the outer layers of your skin, causing the skin to develop a tan-like shade.


Erythrose has a similar self-tanning effect to DHA but develops a little slower. It is also longer lasting so, a great choice for a pre-holiday self tan.

Our natural and organic tanning drops are pregnancy-safe and vegan-friendly. They are also unscented, making then suitable for those who are sensitive to artificial fragrances.


How to use tanning drops

Tanning drops are ever so easy to use and should be reapplied regularly to maintain your golden glow. You can use our tanning drops on your face and body.

Get a flawless fake tan in just 3 steps with our tan drop tutorial.


For a smooth and even tanning drop application, exfoliate the skin before you apply. You can use any of our natural facial scrubs to prepare your skin (we particularly like Soft Buff) and you can exfoliate your body with our skin-polishing Exfoliating Mitt.


Once you have smoothed your skin, blend a few tanning drops with your favourite face cream or body lotion. The beauty of Liquid Gold Tanning Drops is that because they are unscented, they can be blended with any face or body cream that does not contain SPF.

Not sure how many tanning drops to use? A little goes a long way. Blend 1-5 tanning drops with face serum or cream, or 6-10 drops with body lotion.

More drops = a deeper tan.

If you’re new to self tan, start with just a couple of drops and then gradually build your way up to a deeper tan.


Now all you need to do is smooth your blend of tanning drops and skin cream into your skin. Regardless of how many drops you add, your tanning drops should be absorbed by the skin within 10 minutes. After this time you can apply clothing without the worry that your tan will stain any fabrics.


Other ways to tan the skin

If tanning drops aren’t for you, we offer lots of other ways to enhance your skin’s tan using natural tan activators.


Need to tan fast? Our fast-acting DHA self tan develops a streak-free tan in less than 3 hours and the 150ml bottle is ideal for tanning the torso and limbs.


Boost your tan as you protect your skin with our SPF15 Edelweiss Sun Cream with Tan Accelerator. A 2-in-1 SPF with tan accelerator this uses Inositol, from the Carob tree, to speed up the tanning process by almost 25%, giving you a faster tan and faster protection.

And there’s more benefits to come. Inositol has also been shown to reduce tan fade by as much as 50%, perfect for holding onto your holiday tan for longer!


Would you like help choosing the best tanning product for your natural skin care routine? Or do you need a hand finding the best moisturiser for tanning drops? Our UK customer care team is happy to help and can be contacted on 01403 740350 or via a direct message  to @GreenPeopleUK.

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