How to use witch hazel for adult acne
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How to use witch hazel for adult acne

Was Witch Hazel your teenage skin care staple? Here we go back to school and deliver a masterclass on how Witch Hazel can help you to battle adult blemishes.

By Hannah Mepham

4 Minute read

Was Witch Hazel your teenage skin care staple? Here we go back to school and deliver a masterclass on how Witch Hazel can help you to battle adult blemishes.

What are the skin care benefits of Witch Hazel?

You might associate Witch Hazel products with your school days, but this natural ingredient is a powerful weapon in the fight against adult acne.

Witch Hazel

It’s created by distilling the twigs and leaves of the Witch Hazel tree and when used in skin care, it helps to refine pores, control excess oil and prevent blemishes.

It’s created by distilling the twigs and leaves of the Witch Hazel tree and when used in skin care, it helps to:

  • refine pores
  • control sebum
  • prevent blemishes

Is witch hazel good for acne prone skin?

Witch Hazel is an ideal natural ingredient for helping to balance combination, oily and spot-prone skin types.

These typically have hyperactive sebaceous glands which produce excess amounts of sebum, a natural oil that attracts acne bacteria to the skin.

Witch Hazel is also a helpful spot-fighting active to have to hand when the skin is subject to hormonal imbalances and produces an excess of pore-clogging sebum.

Life stages that can imbalance hormones and increase your likelihood of experiencing adult acne and spots include pregnancy, the menopause and the perimenopause.

Witch hazel products for oily and spot-prone skin


Witch Hazel is a key ingredient in the Oy! Clear Skin Foaming Face Wash. A great natural face wash that is suitable for all ages, this also uses Willow Bark a non-irritating, redness-reducing extract that calms spot-prone skin with its natural supply of salicylic acid.


A clever cosmetic, our Oy! Clear Skin Blemish Concealer both conceals and clears blemishes. In addition to Witch Hazel it contains antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory Tea Tree extract and Omega-rich Rosehip Oil. A remarkable, skin-soothing ingredient, Rosehip has excellent skin regeneration properties and can help prevent blemishes from scarring the skin.

Is Witch Hazel suitable for sensitive skin or rosacea?

Witch Hazel is incredibly astringent and as such, it may not be suitable for very sensitive skin.

A better way to gently calm and clear spot-prone sensitive skin is to cleanse the face with our Scent Free Cleanser & Make-Up Remover which is especially designed to clean and care for delicate skin.

Once the skin is clean, apply our Scent Free Light Day Moisturiser. Ultra-gentle and made without skin-irritating fragrance, it contains Prebiotics to restore a healthy skin balance and Willow Bark, an anti-inflammatory which is rich in Salicin and helps control acne breakouts.

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Complete your routine with a spot control booster

If your skin can tolerate a little essential oil, you can then help it to fight spots by applying a drop or two of our Age Defy+ Purifying Balancing Oil Serum.

Age Defy+ Purifying Balancing Oil Serum

Designed especially for adult acne-prone skin, these spot-fighting skin drops blend age confidence botanicals with sebum-balancing actives.

Its key ingredient is skin-refining Ginger Stem Cells which mattify oily skin and have been shown to decongest clogged pores and restore skin clarity by reducing sebum production by as much as 20% in just 28 days.

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Shop spot-prone skin essentials


We hope that you have found this guide to Witch Hazel for acne skin care helpful. For help choosing skin care for adult acne, please contact our UK customer care team on 01403 740350 or drop us a DM at @GreenPeopleUK.

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