8 tips for an eco-friendly Christmas

25/04/2020 — By Hannah Mepham

8 tips for an eco-friendly Christmas

Christmas has traditionally been the season of indulgence but concerns are growing that the season of excess is putting a strain on our environment.

Will you be celebrating with an environmentally-friendly Christmas? Here we reveal how to stay eco friendly during the festive period.

1. Choose an eco-friendly Christmas tree

Elaborate Christmas lights and decoration can transform your home into a magical winter wonderland and for many, the beginning of December is a key time to dust-off the decorations and deck the halls. Here we explain how to choose and decorate an eco-christmas tree.

christmas tree

What to look for when buying an eco Christmas tree:

  1. Choose a FSC approved Christmas tree Check that your tree is FSC certified. 
  2. Choose your tree from a local retailer to reduce your tree’s carbon footprint.
  3. Recycle your tree. Once the Christmas season is over, take your tree to a recycling centre where it can be shredded and reused locally as bark chippings or environmentally friendly animal bedding.

Andy Bond of the Woodland Trust says: “Everyone loves the smell of Christmas trees and decorating them is part of a fun family Christmas!

What we do ask people to do though, where possible, is to check their tree supplier before they buy it to see if it is grown sustainably - look out for the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification.”


2. Gift sustainably

Make a difference this Christmas 2020 by shopping for eco-friendly Christmas gifts.

Gifting consciously needn’t be complex and, to take the stress out of shopping sustainably during the festive season, we’ve created a range of organic gift sets that are kind to the skin and the planet.


3. Eco Christmas decoration tips

Bringing nature indoors is an easy way to create an interior design that is inviting, seasonal and sustainable and, for an eco-friendly festive style, we recommend swapping glitter and tinsel for natural foliage.

If you have holly branches, berries or ivy growing in your garden you can use these to give your home an eco-friendly rustic Christmas aesthetic, just remember to wear gloves as ivy is known to cause skin irritation.

Love to decorate with Christmas lights but want to curb your energy use? Use indoor LED fairy lights to enjoy the sparkle of Christmas whilst remaining environmentally conscious.

You can even get solar-powered fairy lights but be aware that the limited hours of daylight at Christmas may curb their sparkle a little.


4. Sending eco-friendly Christmas cards

If you opt to purchase card for your loved ones, the eco-friendliest way to deliver festive cheer is to hand-deliver your Christmas greetings or send an e-card.

Always opt for Christmas cards made from sustainably sourced or recycled paper and avoid choosing glittery Christmas cards. Glitter is notoriously hard to recycle is such a concerning environmental hazard that high-street stores such as Marks & Spencer have announced they will be no longer be offering shoppers the option of sparkly Christmas cards or gift-wrap.


  • Make your own Christmas cards. Whilst purchasing cards can be a great time-saver, making your own will cut down on packaging and is a fun festive activity for all the family.

eco christmas card


5. Wrapping Christmas presents in an eco-friendly way

Bows and ribbons can make your Christmas gifts look glorious, but concerns are growing that these Christmas trimmings could be harming the planet.

This concern is so great that when Hobbycraft released their Christmas craft trends they reported a rise in eco-conscious craft makers seeking out materials to make homemade Christmas gift-wrap and tags.


  • Reusable/biodegradable wrapping. Consider wrapping your gifts with reusable wrapping materials and decorate them with a spring of holly instead of using throwaway tags and ribbons.

eco christmas wrapping



6. Choosing eco-conscious Christmas crackers

Traditional Christmas crackers can come in handy should you even need a miniature screwdriver or a paper hat but if you’re consciously trying to reduce your use of plastic, it’s worthwhile investing in resuable Christmas crackers.

An eco-friendly way to embellish your Christmas dinner table, reusable Christmas crackers can be used year after year and filled with small but useful zero-waste items.


eco christmas crackers

7. Planning a zero-waste Christmas dinner

Want to help wage war on Christmas food waste? Plan your food needs in advance to reduce the impact on the planet and shop for local, organic produce whenever possible.

It’s natural to succumb to seasonal treats and when you are catering for family and friends its easy to end up with surplus supplies. To avoid food wastage, plan your meals carefully so you are not buying food you and your family won’t eat. If you do have food left over, check out www.lovefoodhatewaste.com for zero-waste recipe inspiration or The Soil Association website for organic recipe ideas. 


christmas biscuits

8. Eco-friendly stocking fillers for Christmas 2020

Discover our range of eco-friendly stocking fillers for Christmas 2020. Certified organic and vegan, with fully recyclable packaging, our conscious Christmas gifting collection won’t fail to inspire.

Drawing on nature in all its beautiful forms and with science as its guide, our eco stocking fillers are the perfect treat for those having an environmentally-responsible festive season.

Join the conversation at @GreenPeopleUK and tell us what steps you will be taking to celebrate an eco-friendly Christmas.

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