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Best teenage face wash routine

Unsure if your teenage son or daughter should be using face wash or cleanser? Here we explain when to introduce your child to cleansing products and guide you to the best teenage face wash routine for keeping young skin fresh and clean.

By Alexandra Julian

7 Minute read

Unsure if your teenage son or daughter should be using face wash or cleanser? Here we explain how to look after teen skin and guide you to the best teenage face wash routine for keeping young skin fresh and clean.

How often should a teenager wash their face?

As your teen approaches puberty their skin will produce more sebum, a skin oil that can clogs pores and attract acne bacteria.

Encouraging teens to wash their face twice a day – once in the morning and once at night – can help to keep young complexions clean and clear of spots.

However, a teen who has started puberty and is getting spots will need to use more than a flannel and water to wash their face if they want to stop spots from becoming a problem.

teenage girl washing face

What should teenagers use to wash their face?

Teens with spot-prone should use a face wash that’s made with gentle, blemish-fighting actives. A gently foaming face wash is best for young skin as the foaming action will lift dirt and excess oils out of the pores to help stop them from becoming congested.

Washing with water alone refreshes teenage skin and can remove some of the dirt that skin attracts throughout the day but water will not deeply cleanse the pores and is not particularly effective at removing make-up from the skin.

Soap can be used to wash the face and these eco-friendly cleansing bars can be popular with teens that prefer to use zero-waste beauty products.

However, soap bars can be very skin drying and may cause irritation. Skin that becomes too dry will produce more oil to balance itself out and for this reason we do not recommend that teens use soap bars to wash the face.

If your teen’s skin is easily irritated, use only the purest cleaning products. Our Oy! teenage skin care range is gentle enough to use on teen skin and its natural actives soothe the skin as they cleanse away impurities.

green people oy! range

What age should you start using face wash?

There’s no set age to start using face wash. Instead, parents should encourage their teens to develop healthy skin care habits by washing their face with a flannel and water from a young age.

The time to start using face wash will come once your teen or pre-teen start getting spots. This typically happens around the age of age of 10 or 11, and our Organic Young products are all suitable for 10-year-old girls and boys.

A pre-teen skin care routine should be ultra-simple. As your pre-teen gets nearer to their teenage years, they can then add more product to their cleansing skin care routine such as a spot-zapping serum and a cleansing moisturiser.

To make it easy for young teens to build their skin care routine we created our Organic Young Oy! Clear Skin Goals Gift Set, a skin-calming collection that gives teens a ready-made routine and builds clear skin confidence.

Each set contains full-size versions of Oy! best-sellers and features the Oy! Purifying Skin Serum, Foaming Face Wash and Cleansing Moisturiser.

What is the best face wash for teenage acne?

Our best face wash for teenage acne is our Oy! Clear Skin Foaming Face Wash. Suitable for teen girls and teen boys and ideal for double cleansing, this teenage face wash features a skin-purifying blend of Green Tea, Tea Tree, Willow Bark and Witch Hazel which are all rich in spot-fighting properties.

When used regularly this natural teenage face wash promotes a clear complexion without irritating skin that’s prone to redness and sensitivity.

Free from skin-drying alcohols, the foam in our organic teenage face wash is created by a specially designed pump. This draws the spot-fighting natural extracts into a lightly whipped foam which deeply cleanses pores and brings spot-prone skin gently into balance.

Another thing that we love about this cruelty-free foam face wash for teenage skin is that when left on the skin overnight, it delivers an intense spot-zapping action without stripping the skin of its natural oils.

Do teenage girls and boys need different face washes?

All our organic skin care products for teenagers are gender neutral and our Oy! Clear Skin Foaming Face Wash can be used by teenage girls and boys form the age of 10+. It is great for teenagers who wear make-up and also boys who are growing facial hair.

When looking for a natural cleanser for teenage girls, bear in mind that hormonal fluctuations can increase their likelihood of experience acne around the jaw during their menstrual cycle. To help prevent such spots from affecting their confidence, encourage teenage girls to double cleanse by using a foam face wash made with spot-fighting actives, followed by a cleansing moisturiser.

Are charcoal face masks good for teenage skin?

Activated charcoal is a great skin purifier and our charcoal face mask is really good for teenage skin. It leaves skin feeling really soft and clean, and is packed with purifying ingredients to clear out clogged pores.

Teenagers with oily skin and teens that live in urban areas can also benefit from the way that this face mask mattifies oily skin and blends Bentonite Clay with activated Charcoal to gently draw toxins and city pollutants out of the pores.

Both teenage boys and teenage girls can use our Activated Charcoal face mask and teens that prefer to use sustainably sourced skin care love that this natural face mask upcycles by-product Coconut shells.

Is your teenager ready to establish a skin care routine? Help them to build their first skin care routine by taking our skin care finder quiz together. Our UK customer care team is available to help you find the best teenage face wash for their skin and can be contacted on 01403 740350.

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