Essential guide to psoriasis: deodorant, shampoo & skin care

12/05/2020 — By Alexandra Julian

Essential guide to psoriasis: deodorant, shampoo & skin care

This guide offers information and advice on psoriasis. We look at what psoriasis is and ways in which you can help to treat psoriasis including changes to your diet.

Finally we look at ways in which switching to an organic deodorant, natural shampoo and organic skin care range, rich in active natural ingredients, can help to soothe skin that is prone to psoriasis.

Natural skin care for skin prone to psoriasis

We offer natural and organic skin care products that are suitable for skin that may be prone to psoriasis. Offering intense skin hydration and made with balancing plant oils and extracts, but with no harsh chemicals, they are much gentler on sensitive skin than many mainstream brands.

A good place to start is our Sensitive range. As the experts in sensitive skin, we formulate all of our products with delicate skin and allergies in mind, including eczema, psoriasis and rosacea.

Our scent-free products are rich in natural plant actives to restore, protect and maintain your skin's natural barriers. The result is healthy, soft and glowing skin.

Scent Free Anti-Ageing 24-Hour Cream 50ml

Scent Free Anti-Ageing 24-Hour Cream 50ml

An ultra-gentle anti-ageing moisturiser to soothe and nourish sensitive skin


Scent Free Cleanser & Make-up Remover 150ml

Scent Free Cleanser & Make-up Remover 150ml

Ultra-gentle cleanser & make-up remover


Scent Free Hydrating Calming Serum 50ml

Scent Free Hydrating Calming Serum 50ml

A scent-free soothing, hydrating and regenerating serum for ultra-sensitive skin


Scent Free Facial Sun Cream - SPF30 50ml

Scent Free Facial Sun Cream - SPF30 50ml

High factor, scent-free SPF30 facial sun cream for sensitive skin


See all Sensitive skin care products now.


Choosing a suitable deodorant for psoriasis

Those who have psoriasis may experience discomfort from their antiperspirant or deodorant, especially if they use a spray rather than a roll-on. Many high street deodorants contain harsh chemicals and fragrances which can irritate psoriasis-prone skin.

If you are looking for a deodorant for psoriasis, you may like to try our ultra-gentle, scent-free deodorant. Made with natural ingredients including soothing Aloe Vera and anti-inflammatory Rosemary, it is suitable for those who may be prone to psoriasis.

  • Scent-free & ultra-gentle
  • Natural ingredients
  • No pore-clogging aluminium


Scent Free Deodorant 75ml

Scent Free Deodorant 75ml

An effective, ultra-gentle deodorant for sensitive skin


What's the best shampoo for psoriasis?

If you have scalp psoriasis, your choice of shampoo can make a big difference to the health of your scalp.

We use ingredients such as Bromelain, which helps to lift skin cells from the scalp, and gentle foaming agents that do not dry out the scalp like SLS.

We have dedicated a separate blog post to discussing the best shampoo for psoriasis. Read more about shampoos for psoriasis or view our recommended hair care below.

Green People for Men - No. 10 Itch Away Shampoo 150ml

Green People for Men - No. 10 Itch Away Shampoo 150ml

Shampoo for a dry, itchy and flaky scalp


Irritated Scalp Conditioner 200ml

Irritated Scalp Conditioner 200ml

Stimulating conditioner for oily hair & itchy scalp



What is psoriasis?

Psoriasis is characterised by raised circular plaques or patches of pink flaky skin, especially on the elbows, knees and scalp, although it can affect any part of the body.

The exact cause is unknown but it is thought that in psoriasis new skin cells are produced many times faster than normal, resulting in a build-up of thick scales of dead skin.

This may be an auto-immune response, possible following bacterial or viral infection, or due to environmental or other factors. Flare-ups can be aggravated or triggered by medication, excess alcohol, obesity, too much or too little sunlight, poor health, injury, trauma, stress, cold and damp.

What can help psoriasis?

Treatment regimes that work well for one person may not help another, but some basic tips are beneficial for most people.

  • It is generally accepted that there is a link between psoriasis and the nervous system, and managing stress levels, for example by learning some good relaxation techniques and getting a good night's sleep, will usually help.
  • Using only natural fibres such as cotton and silk clothing and bed linen will help to reduce irritation.
  • Psoriasis is often improved by moderate exposure to sunlight. Apply a hydrating moisturiser before using a sun lotion. Some sunscreens block pores and aggravate itching and flaking, so choose /collections/sn-eczema-sun-cream and avoid the sun when it is at its strongest (between 11am and 3pm).


Scent Free Sun Cream - SPF30 200ml

Scent Free Sun Cream - SPF30 200ml

High factor fragrance-free SPF30 sun cream suitable for sensitive skin


Psoriasis diet tips

Foods suspected of aggravating psoriasis include animal fats, acids, spices, salt and stimulants such as alcohol, tea, coffee and soft drinks.

Increasing your intake of essential fatty acids can often help. Another cause may be overgrowth of the fungal infection Candida albicans. Removing sugars, refined starches, alcohol and yeast-based foods from the diet is worth exploring.


" Psoriasis has been linked with consumption of acid-forming foods. "


Psoriasis has been linked with consumption of acid-forming foods and the recirculation of toxins from the intestinal tract.

A switch to a more alkaline diet and detoxifying your intestines can aid the absorption of nutrients, enhance immunity and improve health.

Cleansing the colon, for example with high colonic irrigation, changing to a diet based on cleansing foods and supplementing with probiotics, has shown remarkable results for many psoriasis sufferers.

Combining this with a high-fibre diet helps eliminate intestinal toxins and provides an environment that allows beneficial probiotic bacteria to thrive.

Psoriasis skin care: lifestyle tips

  • Avoid harsh household products, biological washing powders, fabric conditioners, drying alcohol (ethyl alcohol/ethanol), foaming agents such as sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) and products containing perfume and colouring. We do not use any of these harsh ingredients
  • If you suffer from psoriasis of the scalp, choose a natural shampoo suitable for psoriasis. Take your own brand of gentle shampoo and conditioner when you visit the hairdressers to avoid irritation from branded products. Shampoos containing Bromelain, a protein digesting enzyme found in Pineapple, break down excess dead skin cells, reduce inflammation and calm the immune response
  • Use only gentle, natural skin care products. Look for those containing Jojoba esters and plant Squalane to restore moisture and sebum balance, Chickweed to help relieve itching, Perilla oil and Shea butter to moisturise and soothe irritation, Chamomile and Calendula for their anti-inflammatory and healing action, and the skin-soothing herb Marshmallow. See our Sensitive range now
  • Apply body butter before and after bathing to soothe and moisturise your skin
  • Find a deodorant suitable for psoriasis. Our scent-free deodorant is ultra-gentle on sensitive skin and is extremely effective.
  • Treat yourself to an Epsom salt or Dead Sea salt bath. Dead Sea mud can also be used as a body treatment


Need a hand?

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