Have yourself a cruelty-free Christmas

11/05/2020 — By Hannah Mepham

Have yourself a cruelty-free Christmas

The season of giving is approaching and for some people it can be the toughest time of year to stick to an ethical way of life. It may feel overwhelming to plan your Christmas celebrations while maintaining a cruelty-free lifestyle, but it needn’t be this way. 

With some prior planning and a little imagination, you can reduce the impact your Christmas celebrations have on the planet without reducing the fun and festivities.


Cruelty-free gift ideas

We’ve put together some cruelty-free gift, food and beauty ideas that are sure to please everyone without compromising an ethical way of life.

Green People is 100% cruelty-free, certified by PETA and doesn’t sell any products to China. Organic certification guarantees that Green People products are sourced and manufactured sustainably, in a way that does not harm the environment.

Our offices are powered by renewable energy sources, our gifts are recyclable and every year we donate 10% of our net profit to charitable causes.


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Oy! My Skin Goals - Limited Edition

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Vegan Christmas food ideas

For those planning a meat-free or vegan Christmas celebration, there are plenty of delicious festive recipes that you can create to wow even your meat-eating guests.

Deliciously Ella recipe

We love Deliciously Ella’s vegan Christmas recipes, they are just the right amount of indulgent and could even tempt the non-vegetarians away from the pigs in blankets!

Our favourites are her Spiced Christmas Almonds, which make delicious nibbles to have with drinks and her Roasted Maple Sprouts with Hazelnuts, which will even turn sprout haters into sprout enthusiasts with their sweet, nutty flavour.

After the meal is done, it’s time for the tins of chocolate to be passed around, but those who don’t eat dairy are often left without a sweet treat. Luckily, vegan chocolate is no longer the bitter bars of the past. Companies like Booja Booja and Raw Halo make deliciously creamy dairy-free chocolate that is super indulgent and won’t leave you feeling left out.


Cruelty-free clothing

New clothes top many people’s lists each Christmas, but there are some fabrics that should be avoided if you are choosing an ethical, cruelty-free lifestyle.

Much to animal rights campaigners’ distress, fur is experiencing a fashion resurgence. We all know the reasons to avoid real fur, and with so many amazing faux fur options available it’s time to vote with our wallets this Christmas and give gifts that don’t use animal fur. Faux fur scarves make luxurious Christmas gifts for women and are beautifully warm in the colder weather.

If knitwear is on your list of gifts to buy this year there are plenty of cruelty-free options available, however one animal-based yarn to be wary of is angora wool. Angora recently hit headlines after a PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) investigation in China revealed the cruelty suffered by some angora rabbits that produce this soft, fluffy fibre. Some UK high street stores have phased out angora, or suspended the sale of angora products until they can verify whether it is responsibly sourced. If you are buying jumpers, hats or scarves this year it is best to check the labels or contact stores directly to ask where they source their angora.


Cruelty-free cosmetics

Cosmetics such as skin care, perfume and make-up are always popular Christmas gifts and most of us end up with something new to add to our beauty regime, be it a new body lotion, lipstick or bath product.

Animal testing is banned on cosmetics sold in the EU, but it is required by law in China for all imported cosmetics.

Naturewatch Foundation, the maker of the Compassionate Shopping Guide, says: 

Despite the EU Cosmetic Testing Ban, millions of animals are still used in cosmetic testing around the world. Consumers indirectly support animal testing by continuing to purchase brands whose parent companies still test on animals overseas. This means that many consumers are unwittingly still funding cruel and outdated animal testing.”


Green People: always ethical 

For organic, luxury Christmas gifts for men and women, discover our vegan range of skin, bath and body treats featuring interstellar-inspired designs.

Designed in recyclable packaging and with 100% cruelty-free formulas that are suitable for sensitive skin, they make the perfect conscious beauty gift this Christmas.

Christmas gift ideas by Green People

We hope this article has shown that having a cruelty-free Christmas is easier than you think. It just takes a few small tweaks to transform your festive season into the most ethical time of year.


Do you have any tried and tested cruelty-free Christmas gift or recipe ideas? Let us know in the comments below, or you can check out our essential guide to vegan beauty products.