The benefits of body oil

20/05/2020 — By Hannah Mepham

The benefits of body oil

Rich in exquisite oils, our NEW Pure Luxe Body Oil replenishes dry, thirsty skin and leaves it feeling soft and silky smooth. Here we reveal why the essential oils used in our organic body oil are so good for the skin and show you the best way to apply Pure Luxe Body Oil.


Discover the essential oils in our body oil

To deliver a nourishing, unrivalled skin glow we use three different essential oils to make the Pure Luxe Body Oil.

  • Pampering Pomegranate oil delivers the nutrients that dry skin naturally crave
  • Nourishing Neroli oil revives skin at a cellular level, boosting elasticity to smooth and tone
  • Strengthening Safflower oil promotes elasticity and regenerates skin texture


Age Defy+ Pure Luxe Body Oil 50ml

Age Defy+ Pure Luxe Body Oil 50ml

A divine organic body oil for superior radiance and soft, nourished skin



    What's the best way to apply body oil?

    The secret to giving your skin an unrivalled glow is to apply your organic body oil to the skin after an evening bath or shower. Lightly stroke it into the skin and allow the oil in soak in.

    For extra skin-soft results, exfoliate your skin first then apply the body oil once your skin is clean and deeply purified. Whilst the Pure Luxe Body Oil can be applied to dry skin, applying it when the skin is slightly damp to lock in an extra layer of moisture into the skin.


    Why use body oil?

    Body oils typically contain a combination of essential oils which work together to:

    • Nourish
    • Soften
    • Rejuvenate

    To make the Age Defy+ Pure Luxe Body Oil extra indulgent, we have combined a trio of organic essential oils with extra skin-pampering plant botanicals to boost elasticity and deliver liquid nourishment to dry skin.

    We asked our product tester panel to try Pure Luxe Body Oil and after 2 weeks’ use*:

    • 97% said that Pure Luxe Body Oil made their skin silky soft
    • 77% reported that using Pure Luxe Body Oil improved their skin’s radiance
    • And 97% agreed that they would recommend Pure Luxe Body Oil to friends and family


    *tested by 35 users


    4 lesser known benefits of body oil

    Few people realise that a good body oil can do much more than simply give your skin a beautiful glow. With regular use Pure Luxe Body Oil can help to:

    • STOP SKIN SAGGING: This elasticity-enhancing oil tones the skin and tightens sagging skin
    • REVERSE SUN DAMAGE: Pomegranate is rich in vitamin C, an antioxidant vitamin that is vital for reversing the damage caused by sun exposure
    • BOOST CIRCULATION: Healthy skin needs a good circulation and the application of this beautiful botanical blend promotes circulation whilst also reducing fluid retention
    • EASE THE MIND: The Mandarin and Neroli oils in Pure Luxe Body Oil uplift the mind, evoking feelings of joy

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