The Green People eco office: supporting rewilding with Knepp Castle

20/05/2020 — By Hannah Mepham

The Green People eco office: supporting rewilding with Knepp Castle

We rent our office space from The Knepp Castle Estate and they are spearheading an important environmental campaign that needs your help. Here we guide you through our eco headquarters and explain Knepp Castle Estate’s role in the campaign against climate change.


Our eco office

Did you know that our Green People HQ is situated right at the heart of the largest rewilding project in lowland Europe? Once dedicated solely to farming, the 3,500 acre Knepp Castle Estate is now home to many species of grass and wildflowers as well as bees, butterflies and rare birds.

Since the early noughties, it has also been home to Green People and, when we moved in, we made a conscious effort to blend in with our eco-friendly environment. To make sure that our warehouse and head office are a clean and green place to work, many of us cycle to work and our entire office is painted with vegan paint and powered by a green energy provider.


Knepp Castle Estate


Meet our Knepp Castle neighbours

Once we’d settled in we met our neighbours and it is fair to say that they are a noisy bunch! Listen carefully when you next call our customer care team and instead of a printer whirring, you may hear our neighbours mooing, tweeting and honking in the background. This is because the grounds of the Knepp Castle Estate is naturally managed by animals and birds.

Several years ago, select species of animals were reintroduced to our local landscape, each species chosen for their similarity to the native breeds that would have once helped to maintain the natural ecosystem.

Originally a deer park and then a farm, today the estate is home to red and fallow deer which live alongside the native roe deer. The rest of the neighbourhood consists of Exmoor ponies, Old English longhorn cattle and Tamworth pigs which were introduced to replace the ancient aurochs, elk and wild boar that roamed the landscape thousands of years ago.

These animals all roam freely around the estate and a lunchtime stroll around the lake typically results in sightings of enough wildlife to fill an entire David Attenborough documentary. We frequently see deer, storks and Canadian Geese as well as the reptilian residents – the frogs, grass snakes and slow worms.


Knepp Castle Estate


Rewilding at Knepp Castle

As tenants on the land, a portion of the money Green People pays in rent goes directly to supporting these animals through an amazing initiative called the The Knepp Wildland Project.

This crucial conservation programme has created an abundance of critically important habitats and has turned the Knepp Estate into a sanctuary for endangered bird and butterfly species.

Because of this programme all five UK species of owls can be found here and the estate is a breeding spot for purple emperor butterflies, nightingales, turtle doves, woodpeckers and bats.

Each of these species has an important role in helping to maintain the land and their grazing has created a successful, self-sustaining ecosystem but devastatingly, climate change could threaten its future.


Knepp Castle Estate


Knepp Castle and the campaign against climate change

As an eco-conscious company, we want to see the Knepp Wildland Project thrive and are proud to see them spearheading a petition which calls on the UK government to make a bold financial and political commitment toward tackling climate change by supporting nature's recovery.

Rewilding projects help to remove CO2 from the atmosphere to combat climate change and we are supporting Knepp Castle’s demand to see more government investment in such projects.

Your support for this important cause could make all the difference and should you be interested in finding out more, you can find the petition here.

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