What makes Green People so green?

12/05/2020 — By Hannah Mepham

What makes Green People so green?

It’s not easy being green but at Green People we’re passionate about two things: providing our customers with a diverse choice of certified organic products and minimising the impact doing so has on the environment. With almost 25 years of experience, we’re pioneers of the clean beauty movement, and here we reveal what goes into being green.



Our founder, Charlotte, played a key role in setting the first natural and organic cosmetic standards that were established by the Soil Association Health & Beauty Products Standards committee.

Since those early days, other cosmetic certification standards have been created and Green People is proud to now have products certified under three different organic standards.

Find out more about our organic certifications here.

Soil Association



You can rest assured that we have never tested our products on animals and never will. We have cruelty-free certification from PETA and have never carried out or commissioned animal testing of any raw material, cosmetic ingredient or finished product.




It’s not only land animals that we want to protect! When making our skin care our aim is to create non-toxic formulas that deliver gentle but effective care without harming the environment. To deliver on this promise we’ve ensured that our entire sun cream range is 100% reef-safe and make a donation from every sale of our full size SPF15 and SPF30 sun creams to the Marine Conservation Society.

Our team has an abundance of passion for protecting our seas and oceans and our eco-conscious Customer Care manager even co-founded Ocean Changes, an organisation dedicated to protecting Sussex coastlines from environmental damage.

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We’re big fans of by-product beauty ingredients and use these to make our Coconut Charcoal Purifying Face Mask, our Scandi-inspired Nordic Roots range and our eco-friendly One Balm pot.

Nothing goes to waste our warehouse either! We recycle wherever possible and, to reduce unnecessary packaging waste, we repurpose our delivery boxes and use them to transport our products from our door to yours. So that your products stay safe in transit we pack them with compostable packing chips made from biodegradable non-GMO corn starch which can be dissolved in water, easily composted, or repurposed as craft materials.

We believe that with a little bit of planning we can do our bit to cut unnecessary packaging materials and we introduced a minimum spend postage charge to encourage everyone to plan their purchases and shop more sustainably.




We want to combat climate change and as part of our pledge to reduce our plastic waste we introduced new plant-based packaging made from Sugar Cane. In addition to being entirely recyclable, it has a favourable carbon emissions profile and for every kilo of sugar cane plastic produced, 3 kilos of CO2 gas is removed from our atmosphere. This exchange can be described as being climate positive.

To further help combat climate change we use infra-red heating in our warehouse and keep wastage to a minimum by using a 100% renewable energy provider.

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We’re so conscious of being green that we’ve been ranked ethical in the Good Shopping Guide since 2002 and have an Ethical Company Index score of 100/100.

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At Green People we’re as green as our word and whether its car sharing, cycling to work or simply turning the light off when we leave a room. Our whole team makes an effort to reduce our impact on the environment.


What steps do you take to help protect the planet? If you’re an avid recycler, drive an electric car or you volunteer to clean up our beaches we’d love to hear about it. Let us know @GreenPeopleUK on social, or leave us a comment below.