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Easy tips for your date night beauty routine

09/02/2018 by Hannah

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date night beauty tips

Have you got a big date planned for Valentine’s day? Whether it’s a first date or 400th date, we all like to dress to impress! Here, we reveal our top five date night prep steps to help you look your best!


All too often we hide our legs under tights and jeans to cover up cursed cellulite. Cellulite occurs when body fat deposits build up in the skin making it appear dimpled but, the good news is, there is an effective way to combat it.

Cellulite creams containing Dihydromyricetin, an ingredient extracted from a plant in the Bayberry family, can help to slow down the body’s ability to both store fat and create new fat cells. To help your legs absorb the cream, remove dead skin cells first by lightly brushing your skin with a dry brush made from natural hair bristles. Then apply our Contour & Sculpt Body Lotion which contains a patented extract from Bayberry.


No one wants a bad hair day on their date-night! To help your hair shine, treat it to a pre-date night detox by using Clarifying Vitamin Shampoo and Conditioner. Naturally detoxifying, the shampoo contains Aloe Vera, Avocado, Mandarin and Bergamot which deeply cleanse and inject strength and shine back into the hair. After shampooing apply the conditioner for 10 minutes before rinsing with lukewarm water to reveal healthy, nourished hair.


If you’re hoping to pucker up to your loved one make sure you prep your pout first. The skin on our lips is exceptionally fine and can be vulnerable to flaking. This can make our lips feel rough and can mean that lipstick does not sit smoothly.

To combat this, remove the flakes before applying your make-up by lightly buffing away the dead skin cells using a soft, clean toothbrush or a clean, dry flannel. Work in small circular motions before rinsing the lips with lukewarm water and applying our Enrich & Enhance Lip Primer. Made with vitamin E, it will keep your lips hydrated whilst helping your lipstick stay in place. For velvety smooth lips apply our Damask Rose Lipstick on top. Lightweight and longwearing it has a timeless nude-rose shade that suits all skin tones.


For lashes that will get your date in a flutter, apply a mascara that contains natural pigments instead of synthetic colourants.  Synthetic mascaras can leave lashes feeling brittle but our Volumising Mascara contain vitamin E and Sunflower oil which nourish the roots and condition the lashes. Made with natural cellulose micro spheres it gives lashes excellent definition and outstanding volume. For a natural look, apply mascara just at the tips of the lashes. For a more dramatic look, work the mascara from the roots to build up volume.


If first date nerves have you working up a sweat keep your cool by applying a natural deodorant. Free-from harsh chemicals including parabens and pore-clogging aluminium, our refreshing range of roll-on deodorants contain prebiotics which promote the growth of beneficial, protective bacteria in the skin and inhibit the growth of the bacteria that causes BO.

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