Are Green People products Phenoxyethanol free?
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Are Green People products Phenoxyethanol free?

Looking for Phenoxyethanol-free skin care products? We have plenty to choose from!

By Charlotte Vohtz

1 Minute read

Yes, all Green People products are phenoxyethanol free. See our phenoxyethanol free skin care products and phenoxyethanol-free make-up now.

Is phenoxyethanol safe in skin care?

Phenoxyethanol is a preservative which is added to water-based skin care products to help protect the product from bacterial contamination.

It has a very good safety profile and is a preservative that does occur in nature, for example in the seeds of some citrus fruits.

It is well tolerated by all skin types and we are not aware of any reports of adverse effects from its use in cosmetics and personal care products. It also biodegrades readily and has minimal adverse effect on the environment.

Where can I find phenoxyethanol-free products?

Browse our selection of phenoxyethanol-free moisturisers, make-up and other skin care products below or contact our customer care team on 01403 740 350.

Phenoxyethanol-free make-up

Face wash without phenoxyethanol

Moisturiser without phenoxyethanol

Shampoo without phenoxyethanol

Vitamin c & hyaluronic acid serum without phenoxyethanol


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