Get to know the benefits of Inulin for skin
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Get to know the benefits of Inulin for skin

Did you know that Green People uses the prebiotic Inulin in many of its natural and organic skin creams? Prebiotics are an incredibly helpful ingredient in beauty products, with their ability to help restore a healthy, balanced skin microbiome.

By Hannah Mepham

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Did you know that Green People uses the prebiotic Inulin in many of its natural and organic skin creams?

Prebiotics are an incredibly helpful ingredient in beauty products, with their ability to help restore a healthy, balanced skin microbiome.

In this post, we explain the benefits of Inulin in skin care products and introduce some of our prebiotic bestsellers.

Our natural and organic beauty products care for all skin types, being especially gentle for sensitive skin. Read on to find out more or shop prebiotic skin care now.

What is Inulin in skin care?

Inulin is a prebiotic that is naturally found in Chicory Root. It is a food source for "good" bacteria, which helps them to thrive on the skin's microbiome. Inulin also helps to bind water to the skin to keep it healthy and soft.


We choose to use this ingredient in many of our skin-balancing beauty products because we consider Inulin to have benefits for skin that is imbalanced by barrier damage or an excess of bad bacteria, such as acne.

Did you know?

All skin types have a microbiome in their epidermis (the upper layer of skin). This layer hosts a mix of good, bad and neutral microorganisms.

When the skin microbiome is balanced, it provides protection in return for nourishment. However, when it is damaged, bad bacteria can prosper, causing the good bacteria to lose space and food.

This imbalance makes the microbiome less effective at providing skin barrier protection, leaving the skin vulnerable to water loss and the damaging effects of bacteria, such as acne.

Inulin skin benefits

The main benefits of Inulin for the skin are:

  • Promotes a healthy, balanced microbiome
  • Supports the skin barrier for improved skin hydration
  • Helps to prevent spots and inflammation

Consistently using Inulin prebiotic skin care products helps to keep the skin microbiome in balance and reinforces an effective, protective skin barrier.

Want to support your skin’s microbiome?

Bring balance to your skin with prebiotics from Inulin and postbiotic skin care.


Inulin SPF day cream

Our scent-free facial sun cream uses Inulin alongside effective sun filters to make it easy to protect skin from sun damage and microbiome imbalance.

A great choice for everyday sun protection, our Scent Free Facial SPF15 Sun Cream is gentle on sensitive skin and protects against 93% of skin-burning UVB sun rays.

Hannah G has found her skin's perfect SPF match with Scent Free Facial Sun Cream SPF15:

Customer review

Charlotte Vøhtz says:

"All skin types need effective sun protection, but some synthetic sun filters and sun care fragrances can leave sensitive skin feeling dry and aggravated. Our facial SPFs are different and use the power of prebiotics and plant oils to provide peace-of-mind protection not only against sun damage, but also against the imbalances known to cause sensitivity."

"Come rain or shine, always apply SPF as the last step of your skin care routine."

Browse all natural SPF moisturisers.

Inulin night cream

We all know how important it is to protect your skin during the day, but did you know that skin carries on repairing itself when you're asleep?

Charlotte Vøhtz says:

"Skin restores itself whilst we rest but it can benefit from a little help. Choose a hydrating prebiotic night cream that is packed with skin-balancing, barrier-boosting actives that skin needs to repair."

Nourish your microbiome at night with Fruitful Nights Night Cream. A great choice for combination skin, this radiance-restoring night cream blends Inulin prebiotics with Bacillus Ferment, a fermented beauty ingredient that’s known to reinforce the skin barrier.

Working in synergy, these strengthen the skin barrier so that the skin is less vulnerable to damage and dehydration. Use nightly and you’ll wake to wonderfully soft skin that shows off a good sleep glow.

More Inulin skin care

Discover more of our natural and organic skin care products with Inulin, gently scented with essential oils. 

We also offer a collection of scent-free skin care that is dedicated to sensitive skin. The following products are also enriched with Inulin, to protect your skin's delicate barrier.

We hope that you have found our guide to the benefits of Inulin skin care helpful. For help finding the perfect organic skin care match for your microbiome, please contact our UK customer care team 01403 740350 or @GreenPeopleUK.


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