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How to boost your beauty sleep with a night skin care routine

Sleep is a precious commodity and essential for health and emotional wellbeing – but does it keep you looking young and beautiful? Here we look at the science of beauty sleep and shine a light on how you can use a simple night skin care routine to boost your complexion whilst you rest.

By Hannah Mepham

5 Minute read

Sleep is a precious commodity and essential for health and emotional wellbeing – but does it keep you looking young and beautiful?

Here we look at the science of beauty sleep and shine a light on how you can use a simple night skin care routine to boost your complexion whilst you rest.

Why do we need sleep?

Every living thing requires sleep in order to repair daily damage and restore energy levels, but humankind has developed a unique ability to delay rest.

For some, skipping sleep simply makes more time for work and leisure activities while for others, the luxury of sleep is simply beyond their control and, according to the NHS, as many as one in three experience poor sleepi.

How important is sleep for your health?

Surely if so many of us can function on just a few hours’ sleep, getting less than the recommended eight hours sleep can’t be so bad?

In fact, the NHS believes that skipping sleep could have major consequences for our wellbeing.

They classify good-quality sleep as eight hours’ rest and say that if we do not routinely meet this target, we could be vulnerable to fatigue, low mood and concentration problems.

Those regularly experiencing poor sleep may also be at higher risk of health complications such as diabetes and heart diseasei.

How important is sleep for your skin?

Skin regeneration is one of the many reparative processes the body undertakes while we sleep, so we asked Green People founder Charlotte Vøhtz if there’s any truth in the concept of beauty sleep, or if it’s simply a myth that staying up past your bedtime can leave the skin looking weary.

Is beauty sleep a myth?


“Researchii has actually proven that good sleepers have lower intrinsic skin ageing and their skin barrier recovers 30% faster than poor sleepers. Poor sleepers also suffer from high levels of trans-epidermal water loss, which can lead to dry skin that has a greater tendency to show the signs of ageing.

“Preparing your skin for sleep is really important and there are some small changes you can make to ensure that your skin is working hard at night to remove toxins and restore a good healthy complexion.”

How to build a simple night skin care routine


During the day, tiny dirt and pollutant particles populate the skin pores and if not thoroughly removed, these can leave the skin congested and slow the rate at which skin cells regenerate.

To wash away the day, cleanse the skin with a gentle cleanser that suits your skin type. Two of our favourites are Gentle Cleanse & Make-up Remover and, for mature skin, the Purifying Cream Cleanser from Age Defy+ by Cha Vøhtz.

With a creamy texture that soothes skin and a gentle action that lifts away make-up and impurities, they are a relaxing way to end the day. End your cleanse with a splash of warm water or use a cotton wool pad to remove.


Give your skin a boost while you rest by applying a nourishing night cream before you go to sleep.

If your skin is dry and dull, choose Fruitful Nights Night Cream to refine, balance and brighten your complexion.

With balancing Prebiotics from Inulin, radiance-boosting Bacillus Ferment and exfoliating Pineapple enzymes, this natural night cream works through the night so that you wake to glowing skin.

It is beautifully scented with the natural fruity fragrance of Raspberry, Apricot, Pear and Apple. If your skin is very dry or you feel like an extra treat, you may like to combine it with  Vita Min Fix Moisturiser for an intensely nourishing experience.

If you have mature skin, your skin will benefit from the essential fatty acids Omega-3,6&9 found in our Hydra-Glow Sleep Mask. These are the building blocks of healthy skin and are crucial for keeping the skin barrier hydrated, plump and vibrant.

Featuring Green Macro Algae to stimulate collagen production and Caesilpinia Spinosa for intense skin hydration and firming, this silk-textured face mask deeply moisturises and rejuvenates for a nourished, youthful complexion.

Extra tip: Make time for facial yoga

You may like to try incorporating facial yoga into your nightly beauty routine.

Facial exercises are easy to do at home and it is thought that practising facial yoga regularly can help prolong the longevity of facial muscles so that the skin on the neck and face stays supple for longer.

Read our guide to face yoga.

Need help building the best night skin care routine for you? Our customer care team can help you pick the perfect products for your skin concerns and can be contacted on or 01403 740350

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