how to use kabuki brush for liquid foundation
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How to use a kabuki brush for liquid foundation

Still using your fingers to apply your foundation or tinted moisturisers? Discover longer-lasting coverage and smooth skin confidence as we show you how to use a Kabuki brush for liquid foundation.

By Alexandra Julian

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Still using your fingers to apply your foundation or tinted moisturisers? Discover longer-lasting coverage and smooth skin confidence as we show you how to use a Kabuki brush for liquid foundation.

Why use a Kabuki brush?

A Kabuki brush is a natural make-up brush with many uses. You can use a Kabuki brush to apply mineral make-up powders and blushers and we think it is the best type of make-up brush to use when applying liquid foundation and tinted moisturiser.

Our eco-friendly, natural Kabuki brush features a bamboo handle and vegan bristle and can be used time and time again, making this make-up brush a useful, sustainable addition to your make-up routine.

How to use a Kabuki brush for liquid foundation

One of the reasons why we consider Kabuki brushes to be the best tool for applying foundation is the professional finish you get from the soft, dome shaped brush.

We asked make-up artist Amy Saunders how professional make-up artists use Kabuki brushes to create flawless foundation.

“A Kabuki brush makes achieving even foundation coverage much easier. The short handle gives so much more control when you blend, and the dome shape makes it easy to work mineral make-up over the contours of the face and around tricky areas such as the nose.”

Using Kabuki brush with our tinted moisturiser

  1. Prime the skin by cleansing and following with a blend of serum and facial oil.
  2. Dispense half a pump of Age Defy+ Tinted DD cream onto the back of your hand and then lightly dab the Kabuki brush in the product.
  3. Gently dot the foundation on the checks, chin, forehead and nose before buffing your foundation into the skin by moving the Kabuki brush in gentle circular motions.
  4. Working outwards from the centre of your face and making sure you blend well around the hairline, ears and jaw.

Our Green People's Age Defy+ Tinted DD Moisturiser SPF15 is the UK’s first certified organic DD cream.

An organic tinted moisturiser that’s loved for its skin hydrating Sea Fennel stem cells and a natural SPF15 protection, it’s made with natural Earth Mineral pigments that adapt to compliment your skin tone and features unique colour correction technology that reduce redness and balance out sallowness.

It is available in two shades: Light for fair skin, and Medium for tanned or medium-toned skin and both regular feature in our bestseller list.

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How to clean foundation off a Kabuki brush

Using liquid foundation will leave reside on your Kabuki brush that should be removed. To clean, gently rinse the brush and then work a small amount of foaming cleanser into the bristles. Rinse out any excess and then leave your Kabuki brush to dry.

For more information about our Kabuki brush or DD creams, please contact our friendly UK customer care team on 01403 740350 or on social @GreenPeopleUK.

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