Why is natural mascara so good for eyelashes?

18/05/2020 — By Hannah Mepham

Why is natural mascara so good for eyelashes?

A cosmetic bag staple, a sweep of mascara can give you longer, bolder lashes instantly. But, can a natural mascara really give you everything you’ve been looking for? Here we open your eyes to the benefits of natural mascara.

What goes into regular mascara?

Almost a third of women apply mascara every single dayi but have you ever considered what your mascara is made of?

Originally made from a combination of coal dust and petroleum jellyii, mascara has undergone a make-over over the years and today many high-street mascaras contain lashings of synthetic ingredients.

These chemical ingredients can all make lashes appear fuller and longer, but some toxic mascara ingredients can leave your lashes brittle and prone to breakage.


ALCOHOL: Used as a preservative and to make mascaras dry quickly, alcohol absorbs lashes’ natural protective oils leaving them feeling brittle and vulnerable to breaking.

MERCURY: The UN called for Mercury to be banned in cosmetics in 2013 over concerns that the ingredient could cause mercury poisoningiii. Unfortunately, the ban exempted mascara and some brands continue to use it as a preservative in mascara.

FORMALDEHYDE: Effective at killing bacteria and fungi, formaldehyde is a strong chemical substance. When used at low levels, the ingredient is allowed in cosmetics, however guidance from NHS England suggest that this ingredient has been linked to eye irritations and even canceriv.

PARABENS: Methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben and butylparaben are all parabens and commonly used in mainstream cosmetics. Despite being a common ingredient in skin care, shampoos and make-up, scientists have expressed concerns over whether repeated exposure could affect hormone levels.

MICROBEADS: Some brands add microbeads to mascaras to create a volumising effect on the lashes. These tiny particles can have catastrophic consequences for marine life and as such, the UK banned the use of microbeads in rinse-off cosmetics in 2018. Unfortunately, mascara is not counted as a rinse off product so brands are still legally allowed to use them in cosmetic formulation.

The ban is something Green People passionately supports and you can find out more about our stance on microbeads in cosmetics.

The nice ingredients in natural mascara

Green People has never seen eye-to eye with harsh, chemical ingredients and we formulate our organic Volumising Mascara using natural, plant ingredients which nourish lashes from root to tip. These ingredients include:

  • Vitamin E
  • Sunflower oil
  • Organic Beeswax
  • Natural Earth Mineral pigments


natural mascara


What are the benefits of natural mascara?

There are many benefits of choosing a mascara made with natural ingredients. These include:


Whilst applying chemical ingredients to the lashes can cause them to become dry, brittle and even fall out, vitamin E, Sunflower oil and Beeswax condition and protect the lashes leaving them strong and healthy.


Many people suffer with shortened eyelashes due to the over use of mascaras that contain plastics/acrylics and harsh cleansers that use alcohol to dissolve make-up. Over time, using a natural mascara along with a gentle, alcohol-free make-up remover/cleanser can help to strengthen lashes and allow them to grow to their full potential.


Adding beeswax to mascaras makes them naturally water resistant and smudge-proof but unlike mainstream mascaras, our water-resistant formulas won’t aggravate sensitive eyes and are easier to remove without damaging the lashes.


Our mascara formulation not only nourishes and protects the lashes, but our advanced microsphere technology plumps them out so that they look thicker and fuller immediately after application.


Natural mineral pigments provide buildable colour for a subtle daytime or dramatic evening lash look.


Ideal for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers, natural ingredients are less likely to aggravate eyes that may be prone to redness and irritation.

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