Skin benefits of Rosemary Oil & Extract
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Skin benefits of Rosemary Oil & Extract

As well as having a mind-clearing aroma, Rosemary Essential Oil and Rosemary Extract are also very good for skin and hair.  We reveal the skin benefits of Rosemary, as well are how you can use Rosemary Oil in your hair care. 

By Hannah Mepham

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As well as having a mind-clearing aroma, Rosemary Essential Oil and Rosemary Extract are also very good for skin and hair.

We reveal the skin benefits of Rosemary, as well are how you can use Rosemary Oil in your hair care. 

Discover our selection of the best Rosemary products, including Rosemary deodorants, shampoo, sun cream and skin care.

Is Rosemary safe for skin?

Unsure if Rosemary is right for your skin? Rosemary can have lots of benefits but before using it on your skin, you should check whether your product contains Rosemary Leaf Extract or Rosemary Oil.



Rosemary Leaf Extract has versatile properties that are ideal for use in skin care. It is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Rosemary Essential Oil is packed with benefits for skin and scalp but may not be suitable if you have ultra-sensitive skin that cannot tolerate essential oils. If this is your skin type, our Sensitive range is perfect for you.

Skin benefits of Rosemary Extract

Derived from the Rosemary Leaf, Rosemary Extract is known to contain strong antioxidants called Terpenoids. These play an important role helping to protect skin cell membrane and inhibit the action of free radicals to help protect skin from the visible signs of premature ageing.

We use Rosemary Extract’s antioxidant properties in our organic sun creams and blend these with Edelweiss, another antioxidant plant active that offers powerful protection against free radical damage.

Rosemary Extract also features in some of our bestselling natural and organic skin care products, including moisturisers, cleansers and facial oils, giving them extra antioxidant skin benefits.

Rosemary Extract has excellent anti-inflammatory properties which mean that it may help to restore calm to easily irritated sensitive skin. This makes it a great addition to our gentle but effective natural roll-on deodorants.

We combine it with Rosemary Oil in our Rosemary & Prebiotics Deodorant to create a refreshing and active deodorant.

Skin benefits of Rosemary Oil 

Rosemary Essential Oil is steam distilled from Rosemary leaves. A highly concentrated essential oil with a warm, woody aroma, it should not be applied neat to the skin.

Instead, the best way to safely deliver the therapeutic skin benefits of Rosemary Oil’s is by using Rosemary Oil blended within skin care products. It has astringent, cleansing properties.


Like Rosemary Extract, one of the skin benefits of Rosemary Oil is that it is rich in antioxidants. We use Rosemary Oil to give our Anti-Ageing Facial Oil for this reason, as well as its soothing scent.

Ideal for evening skin pamper session, layer a few drops over your moisturiser before bed or use to create slip for a Gua Sha facial massage. 

Benefits of using Rosemary Oil in self-care

The scent of Rosemary is known to help clear your thoughts and calm your mind, and this makes Rosemary Oil a great essential oil for use in our Alexandra Kay self-care products.

Time to Ease Muscle Relax Body Oil was made to help melt away muscle tension and we add Rosemary Oil to this blend because it helps to receive discomfort in muscles and delivers a warm and relaxing aroma that may help ease mental and physical tiredness.


Time to ease

Benefits of using Rosemary Oil in shampoo

The scalp can benefit from Rosemary Oil too. Whilst Rosemary Oil should not be applied neat to the scalp, Rosemary shampoos may be beneficial to some hair types.

The main skin benefits of Rosemary Essential Oil to the scalp are its astringent and cleansing properties. This makes it ideal for use in purifying products such as shampoo, where it helps to relieve scalp problems.

Benefits of using Rosemary Oil in shampoo

As well as the cleansing properties that are particularly helpful for addressing problems including dandruff and greasy hair, Rosemary Oil’s warm and refreshing aroma also leaves just washed hair smelling fabulously fresh.

We use Rosemary Oil in our Irritated Scalp Shampoo and Irritated Scalp Conditioner, as well as in our Men No.10 Itch Away shampoo which also use enzymes from Pineapple to gently lift away itchy, flaky skin and help soothe irritation.

Would you like help finding the best Rosemary skin care products for your routine? Our friendly UK customer care team can help and can be contacted on 01403 740350.


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